Lauda applauds Seb's 'racing' attitude

Thursday 08-May-2014 13:01

Niki Lauda says Sebastian Vettel was right to defy team orders in China as it's a sign of a "proper racing driver attitude."

Vettel once again courted controversy when, last time out in China, he said "tough luck" when told to move over for team-mate Daniel Ricciardo.

It was not the first time that the reigning World Champion had shown defiance in the face of team orders not in his favour and Lauda reckons it won't be the last.

Asked by The Mirror if Vettel was right to defy the team, the triple World Champion said: "Yeah. Absolutely. That is a proper racing driver attitude.

"Being an ex-driver I can say to make this call from the pit wall, only annoys drivers. It does not give them any help."

Lauda was also quick to point out the fact that Mercedes, despite racing for the win in Bahrain, refused to issue team orders to Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

"Horner gave Vettel an order and he said 'screw you' so there is a difference between them and us.

"We don't give orders. Everyone saw in Bahrain, where they were told to watch the cars and we let them race. That is our philosophy."

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