Lowe: 1-2 immensely satisfying

Monday 12-May-2014 11:06

Celebrating a fourth successive 1-2 result, Paddy Lowe says Sunday's Spanish GP is a sign of how close it is at Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg raced into the distance in Barcelona on Sunday afternoon, lapping everyone up to and including seventh-placed Kimi Raikkonen.

But while the Mercedes duo had a massive advantage over their rivals, it was a lot closer in their own garage.

Rosberg on the medium tyres caught Hamilton with ease in the final stint, closing right up to cross the line just 0.6s behind his British team-mate.

Lowe told the BBC: "It was quite a tense race but overall to have that level of performance around here is immensely satisfying.

"It is a tough circuit, very demanding on the car, so to have the car that has that relative pace here is a real reward.

"Lewis and Nico racing is exactly how we want it. Those guys were racing each other right to the ragged edge, each one trying to find the weakness of the other.

"Every single lap was a racing lap for both guys and I think the fact we saw 0.6s between them on the 66th lap shows just how close it was throughout."

And although the Mercedes executive director revealed that Hamilton's strategy of medium-medium-hard was the fastest way around the track, Rosberg's of medium-hard-medium was designed to give him an opportunity to fight his team-mate.

"The strategy Lewis ran is the optimum one by our calculations. Nico's strategy was a way of perhaps trying to find a way round Lewis. The position of the first corner was crucial.

"If one driver had been quicker than the other we would have seen a bigger gap. They were very evenly matched on the day."

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