Merc to test 'megaphone' exhaust

Monday 12-May-2014 18:23

Mercedes will test a new "megaphone" type exhaust this week in Barcelona in a bid to improve the sound of Formula 1.

This week Mercedes, along with their rivals, are set to take part in a two-day test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

While everyone is likely to try new parts, Mercedes have confirmed that one of theirs will be a "megaphone" type exhaust.

"I'm sure everybody is looking forward to hearing what the 'megaphone' is going to be like," Mercedes motorsport head Toto Wolff said.

"We're pretty clear - if the fans want to have more noise, and if it's making the car not only sound better but it's perceived to be in a better and more attractive way, then we'll go for it."

However, not everyone is in favour of turning up the sound with Renault's Rob White saying the new V6 engines and their sound live up to the greener rules that Formula 1 wanted to adopt.

"Some of what we are experiencing with respect to the noise is that it (the new power unit) does what it says on the tin: It uses less energy, and it does so more efficiently so there's less falling out of the back as noise," White told Reuters.

"I don't sign up to the opinion that they sound horrible. I feel there is a positive message that has kind of got drowned out."

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