Todt dismisses 'joke' proposals

Tuesday 13-May-2014 10:41

The proposals for cutting the costs of Formula One put forward by the biggest teams in Formula are a 'joke', according to FIA President Jean Todt.

With cost-cutting becoming more and more prevalent in Formula One, some of the sport's bigger teams were asked to propose a three-year plan Todt.

Todt, however, was hugely disappointed with the contents of said proposals, which include the return of active suspension and other standard parts, as well as a ban on tyre warmers.

"What was proposed? It was a joke," Todt told Autosport during last weekend's Spanish Grand Prix.

"The proposals that they seem happy with are to reduce budgets by $2 million, which is ridiculous."

As a result, Todt has asked some of the smaller teams on the grid to come up with alternative proposals.

"We know the budgets are between $100 million and $400 million," the Frenchman continued.

"When we speak about costs we must speak about reducing it by 30-40 per cent. Then we can feel comfortable.

"So what can we do? I have some ideas. I gave some input, and I want to see what the teams say.

"We will meet with all the people and hopefully they are sensible people and they come with some sensible suggestions."

The main reason behind the rapidly increasing cost of running a F1 team is the rate at which staffing numbers are increasing, Todt added.

"What costs money is headcounts," he said.

"They are big.

"When we speak to ban two days of testing, it is ridiculous because it costs nothing on the overall budget."

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