Noise row will soon be over - Todt

Wednesday 14-May-2014 15:53

FIA President Jean Todt believes the clamour over the noise levels will soon be something of the past, after Mercedes trialled a new 'trumpet' prototype tailpipe during Wednesday's testing session in Barcelona.

The tailpipe was tested to determine whether the noise levels could be artificially enhanced, after complaints from fans and commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone alike over the noise levels produced by this year's power units.

While Ecclestone's complaints in particular are understandable after some race promoters threatened to withdraw from the sport, Todt believes the matter has been blown largely out of proportion.

"It is a question of taste," Todt told Autosport.

"I don't have any problem with the noise, but I need to take it into account if a lot of people say they want more noise.

"I never heard any complaint about the noise in Spa [at the World Endurance Championship round]. And in Spain, again, those who complain they are more vocal than those who do not complain.

"We have asked some manufacturers to prepare some suggestions.

"But believe me, in a few months' time, nobody will speak any more about the noise. We will have found something else."

While the efforts put into the increasing the noise levels come at a crucial time of the season when all the teams are focused on the performance levels of the cars, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff doesn't believe it will be a distraction.

Instead, he welcomed the FIA's willingness to listen to the criticism they have received.

"We're pretty clear - if the fans want to have more noise, and if it's making the car not only sound better, but if it's perceived to be in a better and more attractive way, then we'll go for it," Wolff said.

"And then hopefully the other teams will vote in favour as well.

"As you know it's outside of the technical regulations, so if you want something implemented in the season then you need a unanimous vote.

"There are not many times in the paddock when you have unanimous votes, so that's going to be an interesting one."

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