Mercedes wants to entertain fans

Wednesday 14-May-2014 16:18

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes it is up to his team to ensure fans are entertained, even if the only competition this year is between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

After the Mercedes drivers claimed their fourth consecutive one-two finish at last weekend's Spanish Grand Prix, it seems unlikely that they will be overhauled in the near future.

However, after only five races of the season, the television viewership numbers are already on the decrease and some fans have voiced their displeasure with the one-sided nature of the season so far.

For that reason, Wolff claims that it is imperative for Hamilton and Rosberg to continue battling at the front of the grid, in order to make the races more entertaining.

"Of course we are thinking about the big picture," Wolff told Autosport.

"Formula One is always less interesting when you have the dominance of one team.

"My personal agenda is to support such a dominance [for Mercedes]. We have had that [dominance] in the past with Red Bull. And it got boring with them winning nine races last year.

"But when you look at the race in Spain there were some good battles - between the two Ferraris, and Sebastian [Vettel] was storming through the field.

"I guess that we need to make sure that having a performance like we have now, we have the guys racing.

"We owe this to the fans, we owe to the sport and what we owe to the brand Mercedes. This is our philosophy straight from the beginning with all the risks you have by letting them race."

Wolff admitted that there is little he, or any of the other teams, could do about dwindling viewership numbers in the short term.

"We have to swallow that and have a little bit less of an average of media value," he added.

"In Bahrain, the media coverage we generated was less than in previous races, so the question is what shall we do about that? Narrow the gap on purpose? No. That doesn't function."

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