Bernie's lawyers made to wait

Thursday 15-May-2014 15:22

Bernie Ecclestone's lawyers will have to wait until July to cross-examine former banker Gerhard Gribkowsky.

Gribkowsky is a key witness in Ecclestone's on-going bribery trial.

The German, who is serving eight-and-a-half years in jail after being found guilty of accepting a bribe, began giving testimony last Friday in which he revealed that Ecclestone had tried to bribe his several times.

The one, though, that is being examined in this trial relates to the sale of Formula 1 to CVC.

Gribkowsky, who worked for German state-owned bank BayernLB at the time, was allegedly paid $44 million by Ecclestone to ensure the F1 shares went to CVC, his preferred bidder.

Ecclestone's lawyers were unable to cross-examine Gribkowsky on Wednesday as his previous testimony had taken more time than expected.

Judge Peter Noll scheduled July 30th as the date for cross-examination in order to avoid having to reschedule other witnesses.

Ecclestone faces 10 years in jail if he is found guilty.

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