Red Bull set to retain Ricciardo

Friday 16-May-2014 10:26

Following Daniel Ricciardo's solid start to the season given Red Bull's woes, Christian Horner says it is "highly likely" the Aussie will be staying put next year.

Although Ricciardo joined Red Bull Racing on a long-term contract, that would have meant nothing if he hadn't been able to rise to the challenge.

However, he has done that just fine.

Five races in, the Aussie has already achieved one podium while on two occasions his superior pace has resulted in Red Bull asking reigning World Champion Sebastian Vettel to move over for him.

His performances have led to team boss Horner stating that it is "highly likely" Ricciardo will retain his seat for next season.

"We have always believed in stability and continuity," Horner told Autosport.

"Daniel is on a long-term contract with the team and it will be highly unlikely he will be anywhere else next year - unless of course Ferrari are chasing him as well [as rumours it is pursuing Adrian Newey]."

The Brit added that Ricciardo and Vettel are proving to be a good partnership with the duo working "extremely well" together.

"He has done a great job this year and he is so calm in the car. He continues to impress us with his speed and his approach.

"He is enjoying what he is doing, and you never see him not smiling. It is a pleasure to have him in the team, and the two guys are working extremely well together,

"I cannot speak highly enough of what Daniel has done in the first five races."

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