Massa calls for better balance

Wednesday 21-May-2014 11:02

Felipe Massa believes the best way to guarantee exciting racing is to ensure that a better balance exists between mechanical and aerodynamic grip.

Under the 2014 rules changes, the levels of downforce in the cars this season is significantly less than in previous years.

Massa, though, believes Formula One should revert back to the wider tyres that were used in the past to encourage overtaking.

"Formula 1 is very aerodynamic, so in my opinion we need to make a study to improve the mechanical grip, more than the aerodynamic grip," Massa told Autosport.

"The tyre is something we can improve a lot - softer, but not for just one lap, a consistent tyre.

"It's possible. In the past we had massive tyres. We don't need tyres like that now, but increasing a bit [would be a good thing].

"The problem is they changed the rules to reduce the aerodynamic grip [for this season], but they keep the mechanical grip the same so nothing [has] changed.

"We're still struggling to be behind somebody."

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