Perez 'sorry' for fans

Friday 23-May-2014 09:47

Sergio Perez says he feels "very sorry" for fans who paid to attend Thursday's practice in Monaco but saw very little track action.

Although the drivers were out in force on Thursday morning, a rain shower between the sessions meant just one driver completed one lap in the first 40 minutes of FP2.

And even when the running did get underway, there were only nine times on the board with thirty minutes remaining.

But while Perez admits it is not great for the fans, he says the big picture is that teams cannot risk crashing cars when there is little to be learned in the rain.

"I would be [disappointed] too but it's normal, you have to think of the longer term," Perez said to Autosport about the lack of running on Friday afternoon.

"It's really hard for the fans but at the same time our teams have other worries. We're limited and we don't want to damage parts.

"I feel very sorry for the fans, but we will put on a good show on Sunday."

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