Prost warns of Mercedes tension

Saturday 24-May-2014 08:00

Alain Prost has urged Mercedes to establish calm within the team or risk the rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg boiling over.

The Mercedes duo are undoubtedly the favourites for this year's title having won all five grands prix leading up to Monaco.

While Hamilton was four wins to his tally, Rosberg has one but finished runner-up in all the others. As such, Hamilton is leading the standings by three points ahead of his team-mate.

The team's success has led to some comparisons with the 1988 season when Prost and Ayrton Senna won 15 of 16 races at McLaren.

"It can always be similar when you have the team dominating and having the two drivers, which is good," said the four-time F1 Champion.

"Maybe you could have a number one and a number two with a big least it's positive.

"I don't know if you can compare everything but it looks like they're going to dominate for a long time."

And although Prost had a good relationship with Senna in 1988, he concedes it only takes a small matter for it all to change.

"In '88 with Ayrton, we had quite good relations. It was not a problem, so I still think it's possible.

"[But] if you only have a small detail, a small problem inside the team, or a little bit outside, then it could start very, very quickly.

"It's very rare that you have a full friendship until the end [of a driver's career] especially if you're fighting very closely, but that can still be possible.

"It looks like the team know how to approach it but we'll see. It depends on the characters of the drivers."

As for his own fall-out with Senna, which started in 1989, Prost said: "It only started when we had the agreement at Imola and the agreement fell away. It started from that point.

"As I said, it could have been a very small detail.

"But if you have a sort of tension, you can see that something's happening in the team a little bit different, then you could have this problem coming over the top. That could happen this year.

"[But] the relation is also different because it's Mercedes. It's also 20 years later."

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