Wolff defends Rosberg's driving

Sunday 25-May-2014 12:04

Toto Wolff has defended Nico Rosberg's driving in Monaco while adding that it is normal for Lewis Hamilton to be "suspicious".

Rosberg secured pole position for Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix when he had a moment at Mirabeau that brought out the yellow flags.

That meant that no one behind him on the track - including Hamilton - could improve their lap times.

Hamilton was unhappy about the situation while the stewards launched an investigation into the incident.

Using telemetry and video footage, they ruled that Rosberg had done nothing untoward while Wolff had defended the driver's erratic steering movements.

"The car was unsettled," Wolff told Autosport.

"We see it on the data that he was braking a bit later [into Mirabeau]. They both braked later in Turn 3 [Massenet) already, both the exact same amount of metres.

"They both braked later on each of the runs and this is what it was. It was just an unsettled car because he was braking later."

As for the cloud of suspicion that now hangs over the Mercedes pits, Wolff says that is to be expected.

"If you want to win a World Championship, you have to be suspicious," he added.

"It is not going to be the last time it is going to get emotionally intense between the drivers. If you have a shot at the World Championship that is clear."

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