Monaco points cost Marussia £2,000

Monday 26-May-2014 11:02

Marussia sporting director Graeme Lowdon has hailed the team's progress especially in light of their very limited budget.

On Sunday, Jules Bianchi scored the team's maiden World Championship points when he brought his car home in ninth place in Monaco.

Overcoming a gearbox grid drop and two five-second stop-go penalties during the 78-lap grand prix, the Frenchman finally put Marussia on the board.

Lowdon said: "It's progress, which is really the important thing. We've shown we can move forward.

"When you see progress in a small team every single person knows they have contributed to it, and that's what makes it so valuable to everyone involved."

The Monaco points come despite Marussia's limited budget with Lowdon revealing that just £2,000 was spent on upgrades between the Spanish and Monaco races.

"If we were to spend another couple of thousand we'd go even quicker," he told Press Association.

"The bottom line is that development money has to come last. You've an obligation to pay people to do everything, and so we don't have the development budget.

"We're not limited by ingenuity, we've some really clever guys and they know what to do.

"We know if we apply some more resource to the car, we'll go quicker, but it's an expensive business even before you try and make the car do that."

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