Wolff warns against underhand tactics

Monday 26-May-2014 12:24

Toto Wolff has warned both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg not to cross the line after a tense few weeks for the team.

The rivalry between Hamilton and Rosberg went up a gear at the Spanish Grand Prix when Hamilton, despite being told not to, turned up his engine to keep Rosberg at bay.

Two weeks later it was Hamilton who was feeling aggrieved when Rosberg secured pole position when he brought out the yellow flags meaning Hamilton had to back off.

As a result, the British driver spent 78 laps in Monaco on Sunday staring at Rosberg's rear wing.

And although Mercedes boss Wolff says arguments are to be expected, he has warned both drivers not to cross the line.

"I can tell you, on the Sunday in Barcelona we had some emotions from the other side (Rosberg), which is understandable," the Austrian said.

"You are in the car, alone out there, you don't have a perspective of what is going on around you.

"Obviously if you lose out to your team-mate, either in qualifying or in the race, that is a frustrating situation.

"In Barcelona, Nico felt aggrieved by what had happened in the race and I guess this is really normal.

"Everybody has their own absolute reality, absolute belief.

"I guess it is like arguing with somebody where you think you are right, the other person thinks he is right, but it is never black and white. There is sometimes grey.

"Right now I think they are probably exploring how far you can step over the line and what the consequences are. Isn't that normal?

"You have a chance of winning the Championship, and as long as it isn't detrimental to the team spirit, as long as it is not underhand, we will handle the situation in the way we did before.

"But the moment it goes in the direction where we believe it is not in the spirit of Mercedes-Benz we will act accordingly.

"For instance, what happened with the engine settings, that is never going to happen again."

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