Merc unity won't last forever - Boullier

Tuesday 27-May-2014 14:21

McLaren Racing Director Eric Boullier believes unity within Mercedes will be impossible to uphold if Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg continue to go toe to toe at the front of the grid.

Following an action-packed Monaco Grand Prix, where the tensions between the two title rivals seemed to reach boiling point at times, Boullier expects more trouble at Mercedes before long.

During an interview with Autosport, Boullier said that it is "impossible at this early stage of the season" when asked how difficult it is for a team to keep its drivers in check after they have fallen out.

"It is very early in the season so I don't know what they have been doing.

"But it is going to be tough for them going through the rest of the season.

Fernando Alonso believes a bit of tension between the two drivers is inevitable, particularly if they continue to be relatively evenly matched throughout the season.

"I think it's normal in all sports, especially Formula One," Alonso, who was Hamilton's team-mate at McLaren during a tumultuous 2007 season, said when asked about the kind of tension that can exist between rivals in the same garage.

"There's media attention, a lot of pressure, things going on inside the team.

"You should beat your team-mate to get respect. Of course if there's also a championship battle in the [team] garage it becomes more tense and more public, sometimes even separated.

"I'm sure if they have some other [difficult] times in the year, everything will be separated, but I hope they have clean battles and a good championship [fight].

"Whoever wins will hopefully be the best of the two and the one who deserves it more.

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