'Magnussen not to blame''

Thursday 29-May-2014 09:09

Eric Boullier has dismissed suggestions that McLaren's struggles recently are due to the inexperience of rookie driver Kevin Magnussen.

McLaren's fortunes so far this year has mirrored that of Magnussen - starting with a podium finish in the first race of the season before fading away during the following five grands prix.

While Magnussen's team-mate Jenson Button is the most experienced driver on the grid this season and one of the oldest, Boullier insists that the 2009 World Champion isn't being held back by the Danish rookie.

"I don't think it's more challenging to have a rookie driver rather than a too experienced driver, let's say, because the kids now, like Kevin, can do let's say most of the job and get enough feedback to lead or at least answer some questions from the engineering team," Boullier told ESPN.

"Obviously when you have somebody more experienced like Jenson you get more details and you can dig in more problems to find solutions.

"I think Kevin is facing the rookie syndrome, which is that they all come from single-maker series and where they struggle most with is to understand is that the cars they have, the cars they are working for and trying to develop is giving them some kind of revert and if you don't have the best car you can't fight for the win, and this is where they most struggle.

"But the rest is fine to be honest, he is settling in well. He's very consistent; his feedback is good enough is good to drive his engineering group around him to make him go faster, so he's doing very well for a rookie."

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