Downforce problems trouble Hulkenberg

Thursday 29-May-2014 09:57

Even though he managed to finish fifth in Monaco, Nico Hulkenberg believes Force India still have a lot of improving to do, with the lack of rear grip a problem the German identified.

Although Hulkenberg noted before last week's race on the streets of Monte Carlo that the supersoft Pirellis would suit the VJM07, he maintains that Force India have to address their downforce issues if they are going to continue improving.

"It's been the weakness of the car since day one; we're trying to get better, but it's pretty much a downforce question," Hulkenberg told Autosport during an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

"I think performance and speed-wise we wouldn't normally finish fifth, especially [having] the McLarens behind us.

"They were much quicker, but we did a good job.

"Cars dropped out in front of us. If you put them there again we are where we qualified.

"So to put it in perspective you have to give us credit that we maximised an opportunity, which we're very happy about.

"But we need to develop and bring more performance because we're not quick enough.

"Force India has never been a works team and never had this massive budget," he said.

"They've always had to take care of their pocket and I think they're very efficient in how they operate.

"There is another step in the pipeline and parts coming, which is important, and then we'll have to understand them and make them work to keep this year going as it is now."

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