Bernie offered to pay BayernLB

Friday 06-June-2014 17:06

Bernie Ecclestone offered to pay BayernLB back some of the commission he earned through his part in the sale of CVC to prevent the current trial.

Ecclestone's trial in Munich is continuing with the F1 supremo charged with paying a bribe to former German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky during the sale of the sport to CVC.

Prosecutors allege that the 83-year-old paid Gribkowsky in order for him to facilitate the sale specifically to CVC, Ecclestone's preferred bidder.

The F1 supremo was paid commission by BayernLB to the tune of £24.7million and has revealed that he offered to pay back some of it to prevent the German trial.

"I don't know why I offered to pay back the commission," he told the Independent.

"Early on we said (we will do it) if that is what is necessary to get this rubbish out of the way.

"I didn't say we would pay it back. I said we will pay some back.

"One of our lawyers spoke to (BayernLB) and said paying back five per cent was too much, it should have been 2.5 per cent."

Ecclestone's trial is expected to run until September.

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