Wolff: Friendship is not required

Sunday 08-June-2014 11:58

Toto Wolff is adamant his drivers do not need to be friends in order to help Mercedes to the Championship titles.

Although their spat appears to have died down this weekend in Canada, the relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg remains a hot topic.

Clearing the air after Monaco, Hamilton has declared that the argument is "done and dusted" and that "things have never been better."

Rosberg, however, stated that their relationship was definitely "more difficult" as there is "more at stake" with the Drivers' title on the line.

But whether they are friends or not, Wolff says it is not necessary for Mercedes to succeed.

"Racing drivers will never be friends because this is not going to the weekends doing a little bit of fun racing," he told Autosport when asked if it was 'important' that his drivers got along.

"This is their job and this is a very competitive environment. Everything that has been said about the great friendship is probably a nice story but it isn't actually how it is in reality.

"They are colleagues and as long as they respect each other, treat each other fairly, and represent the brand in the way we expect the brand to be, then for us it is fair and square.

"You can discuss whether Sunday night [in Monaco] was appropriate, with Lewis being upset or not. But he is hugely competitive. He finished second and he was upset because of the Saturday.

"For the team it is good it has calmed down but then on the other side it has no major effect. It is not really detrimental to the spirit of the team - although obviously it is a good story."

The Austrian added that it was "not difficult" to resolve his drivers' issues following to the Monaco situation.

"I think there is no difference to any other company and, in every company, you have situations where you need to sort out the relationship between humans.

"What you see between the drivers is obviously very visible for everybody because of the media, but these kinds of issues you just need to have a neutral standpoint and communicate how you see things and how things should be handled.

"If you have individuals like the two of them, who are switched on and understand what it is about, it is not difficult at all."

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