Newey blames 'restrictive' rules

Monday 09-June-2014 12:04

A day after announcing that he would focus on things other than F1, Adrian Newey has revealed that the sport's new direction is behind his decision.

Ahead of Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix, Red Bull confirmed that although design chief Newey had signed a new multi-year contract, next season he would focus on other projects.

Explaining his decision, the Brit admitted that is basis largely on Formula One's "very restrictive" regulations.

He said: "When I was lad all I wanted to do was work in motor racing as a designer.

"I was lucky enough, when I graduated, to get into motor racing as an aerodynamicist, and I've been lucky enough to be in motor racing ever since.

"It's been a fantastic time. I've loved it, but that's the only job I have had, if you like, as a design engineer in motor racing.

"But I just feel, to be perfectly honest, the current regulations are very restrictive, which is a shame.

"It's difficult to find new areas to explore as they are so tight, more engine orientated. They need more of a fundamental re-think in my opinion."

He will, however, remain in an advisory role with Red Bull, whom he joined back in 2006 and played an instrumental role in the team's four successive Championship doubles.

"I will step back and take on much more of an advisory role and, if you like, mentoring some of my colleague engineers.

"If they have questions or would like advice then I'll be available to give that.

"We've a very good level of talent at Milton Keynes we have managed to develop and nurture over the past years.

"Hopefully that can continue to build, and there will be a reasonably smooth transition."

As for rumours earlier in the season that linked him to a move to Ferrari, he said: "There has been a lot said about Ferrari.

"The bottom line is I've been with Red Bull more or less right from the start (in 2006), very centrally involved in the team and how it has developed.

"So to walk away from that would feel a little like walking out on your wife or whatever."

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