Kimi: Everything going against us

Tuesday 10-June-2014 12:12

After another disappointing weekend in Canada, Kimi Raikkonen feels as if everything is going against Ferrari at the moment.

Raikkonen finished in 10th place on a circuit that illustrated the Ferrari's weaknesses, although the Finn would arguably have finished in a better position had he not spun at the Turn 10 hairpin.

Nevertheless, the 2007 World Champion admitted that his car struggled with various little issues during the race.

"We had some new small problems during the race with the brakes," he told ESPN after the Canadian Grand Prix.

"There just seems to be always something happening and my spin didn't help, but I wasn't expecting to get so much power. We have to check why it happened and sometimes it's not clear.

"At the beginning of the race it felt okay but then the tyres go away. We changed the tyres and it feels okay for one lap and gets a bit tricky, but it's hard to say when you have to follow other cars which doesn't help.

"Then suddenly you feel like the tyres are almost going away and then the next lap is a different story. So it's very difficult to understand what is really going on. For sure there is some potential in the car and package and we just have to find out somehow how we can find it every lap.

"Everything seems to be against us right now, but there are times when it feels okay and we have to find a way to keep that feeling all the time and make sure that's how it stays. I think this race was difficult for us, but we knew that before with the layout and we are a bit weaker than we want to be, so hopefully at the next circuits we will be a bit better."

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