No imminent changes - Boullier

Wednesday 11-June-2014 13:43

Eric Boullier has revealed that McLaren aren't planning on making any decisions with regards to their driver line-up in the near future.

Speaking to at last week's Canadian Grand Prix, Boullier admitted that the restructuring McLaren has been going through of late has been an arduous process and that making changes to the driver pairing simply isn't currently a priority.

"There was a lot of change in McLaren recently, especially in top management," Boullier told

"Drivers are obviously very important but today what I can say is that we had to learn about each other. I am very complimentary about both of these guys because to be honest, today we are very, very happy with both Jenson and Kevin [Magnussen].

"There are other priorities to change in the team [before thinking about] if we have to change drivers, which today I'm not convinced [we do]."

Jenson Button, whose contract with McLaren expires at the end of the season, admitted that he hasn't discussed a new deal with McLaren, but added that he is focused on more pressing matters.

"You only start thinking about it because I get asked the question by you guys so much, I'd rather just get on with the racing and help us move forward," Button said.

"There's no rush for someone who is in my position to seal a deal for next year. For me, you take it every day as it comes; I've learned that especially over the last six months.

"So living in the moment is definitely something that I'm doing right now and I don't want to look too much in to the future."

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