Magnussen plays down inexperience

Monday 16-June-2014 12:13

McLaren rookie Kevin Magnussen has dismissed suggestions that his inexperience is at the heart of the Woking team's struggles so far this season.

Magnussen finished in second place in his Formula One debut at the season opener in Australia, but since then has struggled to finish in the points as McLaren continue to struggle with downforce issues on the 2014 car.

Earlier, Magnussen's team-mate Jenson Button hinted that they would prefer to have two experienced drivers helping each other understand the MP4-29, rather than a veteran paired with a rookie.

Speaking to Autosport ahead of this weekend's race in Austria, Magnussen admitted that the feedback he gives the McLaren engineers differs from that of Button, but that the information he relays still has some worth.

"We are different and we feel different things from the car. This is good because you get different ideas," Magnussen told Autosport.

"I don't feel like I'm holding this team back in the development of the car.

"I feel I'm contributing with good feedback and I'm saying what I feel and what I feel is right.

"I try not to hold back and be shy, I try to open my mouth. As young kid coming into Formula 1 you need to be brave enough to do that, whether it's right or wrong I'll let the team figure out."

The Dane added that the feedback he has received from McLaren supports the feeling he has of contributing to the team.

"The best way to learn is to be open and say what you think," Magnussen continued.

"The engineers understand I have very limited experience so they tell me what they think is right and wrong, but they listen a lot as well, which I'm proud of.

"They use my feedback, even though I'm so inexperienced, and that gives me confidence."

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