Vettel will be at the top again - Webber

Monday 16-June-2014 13:09

Mark Webber believes his former Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel will inevitably challenge for race victories again.

After dominating F1 for the last four years, Vettel has struggled to get to grips with the 2014 rules changes and has been out-paced by his new team-mate Daniel Ricciardo for large parts of the season.

Earlier, Vettel's mentor and Red Bull director Dr Helmut Marko told the BBC that Vettel is perhaps not as motivated as he should be and that the 26-year-old to "raise his game".

"Sebastian was complaining about having such a bad car," Marko said.

"Furthermore, he thinks the way F1 is going is not the right one - the cars should be monsters, not relatively easy to drive.

"With all these problems, maybe he wasn't as committed as he should have been, but that has changed."

Webber agreed with Marko's view that Vettel has had "hard time" so far this year as Red Bull struggled with "many technical problems".

"But I am not surprised about Daniel [Ricciardo]," Webber told Fairfax Media.

"I said before Melbourne that he would be 50:50 with Seb and everyone said I was crazy, but Seb will be there again - he just needs some time to deal with the car.

"For Seb, it's difficult at the moment because Mercedes are the absolute favourites.

"But as soon as Seb sees victories again, he will be back. It's the same with Fernando (Alonso). When he sees an opportunity to get the win, he is always there.

"In the first half of this season, the fact that only Mercedes could win was easier for Daniel to accept.

"The last few races have been pretty good to Seb, but he hasn't had the rub of the green. So he will draw from that. He knows his day will come."

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