Massa: Perez risking bad reputation

Thursday 19-June-2014 15:52

Felipe Massa says Sergio Perez risks taking over from Romain Grosjean as F1's crash kid unless he learns from his mistakes.

Back in 2012, Grosjean was involved in so many crashers that he garnered a bad reputation with both his rivals and the stewards. One accident too many eventually resulted in a one-race ban for the Frenchman.

And although he subsequently changed attitudes by changing his behaviour out on track, Massa reckons it is only a matter of time before Perez, who has refused to accept responsibility for their Canadian GP crash, picks up where Grosjean left off.

"The best chance is for him to accept it," Massa told Autosport. "We saw that another driver had a lot of problems in the past and lost a race as a result of the accident he caused at Spa, but he learned.

"This is something that [Perez] needs to learn. If I made a mistake I would be the first one to say 'it was my mistake and I'm sorry', like I always did when I made a mistake.

"People don't think in the same way, so I'm sorry for him and I hope he learns. Otherwise, he'll pay more penalties in the future.

"I was very disappointed with him in the hospital. I said that it was dangerous and that he needs to learn, but he just turned and left. Anyway..."

The Williams driver added that he is willing to sit down and talk to Perez if the Force India is open to it.

"I'm totally ready - I have no problem with him or with anybody, but I didn't do anything wrong. He did, and it was dangerous, for him as well."

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