No lingering issues at Marussia

Thursday 19-June-2014 17:43

Max Chilton says he and Jules Bianchi have moved on from their Canadian crash that put both cars in the wall.

Fighting for position at the start of the Montreal race, Chilton was judged to have been responsible for the crash that took out both drivers at Turn 4.

Despite the stewards' ruling, Chilton felt Bianchi had braked too late while Bianchi believed his team-mate responsible.

The duo, though, have subsequently cleared the air with Chilton confident that it is now behind them.

The Brit said: "I was hugely disappointed when it happened. It was a typical first-lap accident; two drivers in pretty close proximity.

"I was pretty upset after the race, losing that, and for the team because there was a lot of damage. But we've got to draw a line in the sand and move on from that.

"I think we're on a good roll at the moment as a team, we're definitely pulling away from certain teams and catching others up, so we've just got to keep focusing on that now and focus on the future."

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