Dennis confirms Prodromou's arrival date

Wednesday 25-June-2014 13:06

McLaren have received an early Christmas present with news that former Red Bull man Peter Prodromou will join them earlier than expected.

The Woking squad revealed in October last year that they had agreed terms with Red Bull's head of aerodynamics Prodromou, but the Milton Keynes outfit quickly informed McLaren that they won't release him early from his contract, which is due to expire in 2015.

However, the two teams have now reached an agreement and Prodromou will join McLaren in September.

"We've got Peter Prodromou joining us in September so that will be a big step," McLaren boss Dennis told ESPNF1. "It will bolster our revitalised aero team, so I'm not concerned about aero performance next year, it will come right.

"We've got a steep curve with Honda, but at the end of the day we were with them for five years [between 1988 and 1992] and won 50% of the races. So I'm not worried about getting there with Honda, it's just going to be a bit challenging at the beginning. This is motor racing, it goes up and down, you've just got to keep your head down and keep working."

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