Boullier: A good car in 2015

Thursday 26-June-2014 09:47

McLaren boss Eric Boullier is confident his outfit's 2015 challenger will be up to scratch thanks to internal changes and the switch to Honda engines.

While McLaren have had a solid power unit this year thanks to Mercedes, their chassis hasn't been the best hence their struggles on track. Both Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button finished on the podium in Australia, but it has been a battle since then as they have been well off the pace of front-runners Merc.

Although the current season is far from over, Boullier feels they are in for a much better 2015 campaign.

"I do have the confidence that we will have a good car from next year, just because we addressed all the issues internally and I believe we made the right changes," he said during a McLaren phone-in.

"We have seen already from Austria the first benefit of the changes we have done in the organisation and now we are heading in the right direction."

McLaren are not the only team that have had problems this year as Red Bull have also had a troubled campaign, but for different reasons.

Boullier believes Red Bull's struggles are proof that works engines have become crucial to F1.

The start of the 2014 season marked the introduction of the V6-turbo hybrid engines and the Mercedes-powered teams like Merc and Williams have enjoyed plenty of success.

Their Renault counterparts Red Bull and Lotus have stuttered though and the former in particular have been a shadow of the team that swept all before them the previous four seasons.

"Having a works engine allows you to play with a lot more channels and various set-up possibilities than if you have a customer engine," Boullier said.

"Let's just take this year for example, if you compare Mercedes GP and Red Bull Racing. We all know that Red Bull Racing's chassis is very good and is maybe slightly better than the Mercedes one.

"However the big difference between the two is that Red Bull has a Renault engine, which is not a works engine."

The 2015 season will be a big one for McLaren as they will switch from Mercedes engines to Honda and Boullier feels they are on track when it comes to next year's power units.

"Obviously it takes months, even years, to build it up [an F1 engine programme]. You work to a clear schedule and have clear goals to target," he said.

"So far though I think everything is in order and matching what we need until the first race next year."

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