Kobayashi 'not really looking' at rumours

Saturday 28-June-2014 08:03

Kamui Kobayashi says he's not letting reports about Caterham's possible sale get to him, rather he's just focusing on the job at hand.

Earlier this week, as he signed off from Twitter, team owner Tony Fernandes all but announced that he was walking away from Formula One.

"F1 hasn't worked but love Caterham Cars," said the Malaysian businessman.

Fernandes' comment was the latest fodder for reports claiming Caterham won't be in Formula 1 much longer.

And if Kobayashi knows what is going on, the Japanese driver isn't saying.

"I'm not really looking at that," he told Sky Sports Online.

"Of course, I'm not wishing these stories. I'm here for driving - me, I can't change anything, you know? I cannot bring any money or stuff.

"Financially, I think we're in a very difficult situation but I cannot do anything so I just focus on my job. That's part of my job actually: I'll just try for a better result as much as I can.

"I just hope that somebody can help this team. This is the only thing I can say."

As for his time with Caterham, which has left the former Sauber driver lapping at the back of the field, he said: "Of course, I want to fight with some of the medium teams and fight for points.

"I don't want to be five seconds or four seconds off from the top. It's not like the same category for me.

"It's pretty tough."

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