Mansell: All credit to Mercedes

Saturday 28-June-2014 13:28

Nigel Mansell has praised Mercedes for allow Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton to race each other, saying it is "fantastic" for F1.

At a time when Mercedes are dominating the sport, well ahead of the chasing pack, the Brackley team has given their drivers free reign to fight it out.

That has resulted in several close battles and finishes, adding to the excitement of the season.

And although the situation between the two drivers is undoubtedly tense of late, aside from a bit of a fall-out in Monaco, Mercedes have avoid all-out war.

"The great thing is when you're with a fabulous manufacturer like Mercedes, who undoubtedly have got the best engine bar none this year, and the way the team's being managed with Niki Lauda's input there - and that is outstanding - I think there'll be very little if anything going on like that," Mansell told Sky Sports Online.

"If anything's going on then obviously it's between the immediate engineers of the drivers and the drivers themselves, and that can be managed to a large degree.

"But you've got to take your hat off to the Mercedes team as a whole and the manufacturer because they are giving the drivers equal equipment, they are giving the sport's fans and Formula 1 what they want - which is outright racing.

"Both Nico and Lewis are gung-ho with their racing and racing like crazy together. It's fantastic for them, fantastic for the sport.

"Mercedes don't have to do that and so all credit to Mercedes for how they're dealing with this situation and long may it continue."

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