Hill: Drivers shouldn't share all info

Monday 30-June-2014 07:17

Damon Hill has no issue with the Mercedes drivers withholding information from each other, saying that is "being smart."

Following the Austrian Grand Prix, which Nico Rosberg won ahead of Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff revealed that "transparency is suffering a little bit" as the battle between the two heats up.

Soon after Rosberg confirmed that he does not share everything with his team-mate.

"If I find a little bit of an advantage somewhere then I am not going to tell everybody about it, I will keep it to myself," said the Championship leader.

And although opinion on that is divided, 1996 World Champion Hill reckons it is the right course of action.

"I wouldn't count that as skullduggery, that's being smart, not showing your hand," he told The Telegraph.

"If you set a marker then it's just there to be knocked down."

Weighing in on team-mates sharing every bit of information, Hill says it's not fair on the driver who has figured things out.

"In some ways it's like robbing one guy of their talent. It's too much information. It leaves very little for the private domain of a sportsman's particular mystique, their talent or gift. If Lewis's special techniques are being stripped to the bone then it's a little bit too intrusive.

"In the old days we didn't have all this data. A driver would have to go out on the circuit and watch and figure it out. There was no way of knowing other than working on your own knowledge.

"Now, every detail, every nuance is shared among the engineers. It's getting to the point now where the engineers are telling the drivers what to do to drive. I think it's going too far."

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