Wolff confident she will 'get there'

Monday 30-June-2014 11:02

Set to make her debut at a grand prix weekend this Friday, Susie Wolff says her "ultimate goal" is to be a "F1 driver."

At Silverstone this Friday, Wolff will take to the track in a Williams FW36, putting in the laps in the weekend's opening practice session.

It will be a first for the development driver who has previously only run during tests.

"I am very excited about Silverstone," she told the Daily Record.

"It's a massive opportunity for me and one that I've worked long and hard to get.

"I'm proud to be part of Williams. They are an iconic British team with a lot of heritage in the sport.

"As a British driver, taking part in the British Grand Prix is also very special, especially as it's Silverstone's 50th birthday.

"If we are successful there will be massive celebrations on Sunday."

And although the 31-year-old won't be the one in the car come Sunday's British Grand Prix, she dreams of one day getting there.

"My ultimate goal is to make it as an F1 driver," Wolff said.

"I'm determined to do it but I'm under no illusions. It will be a long, hard slog but I will get there.

"I'm not out to rewrite the history books of what women can achieve in racing, I'm doing it for me.

"I'm out to be the best I can be and if that inspires other women along the way then that's another positive.

"I've just got to focus on being the fastest and the best."

She added: "Becoming an F1 championship driver is extremely difficult but I'm determined.

"Teams want lighter drivers, which counts in women's favour, and physically we are catching up on the men. It's only a matter of time.

"You need to be the complete package and bring in the right amount of sponsorship.

"It would be a great marketing ploy to sign a woman, so you never know."

However, with the job comes the worry for not only the driver but also their family.

Wolff, who is married to Mercedes executive director Toto Wolff, was previously hurt when she suffered a 180mph crash back in 2006.

The Scot won't let that stop her from realising her dream.

"If you have a crash, you just get back in the car and keep going.

"My parents still find it hard to watch me in action but they understand my passion and are my No1 supporters.

"My husband also gets really nervous before I race. He knows how much it takes out of me mentally and physically."

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