Perez: Too early to judge 2015 rules

Thursday 03-July-2014 15:04

Sergio Perez says F1 fans and drivers should not pass judgement on next year's regulations until they see them in action.

As of next season Formula 1 will do away with rolling restarts after a Safety Car and instead will have standing starts with the drivers lining up on the grid in their running order.

This change has been widely condemn by F1 drivers and fans alike. Perez, though, says it is too early to judge.

"I think there is a safety element on that, which all drivers are concerned [about] and we spoke about it," the Force India driver told ESPN. "But at the same time I think it's good for Formula One to change things.

"We need to change what we are doing with the sport sometimes. If it helps for the show and if it helps to have a more entertaining race then it's good for all of us - the media, the drivers, the fans and for the sport itself. It will be tricky for sure and it will not be an easy thing.

"We hear all about what if you have no tyres left, no brakes left, no clutch left - there are so many issues but the teams and the drivers have to adapt to it. If it's good for Formula One, why not? Let's see how it goes."

The Mexican racer also revealed that while drivers had expressed their concerns prior to the rule being ratified, none of the powers-that-be took it into consideration.

"We already expressed our concerns and they didn't listen to us that much. Now it's something that we can live with, it's not something that we can't live with.

"The approach I'm going to take is just to adapt to it and if it's good for the sport then we should have a go. I see it as a good thing."

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