Whiting allays re-start fears

Friday 04-July-2014 10:47

F1 race director Charlie Whiting insists drivers have nothing to be concerned about regarding the new re-start rule.

Under new rules approved by the World Motor Sport Council, rolling starts behind a Safety Car will be scrapped from 2015 and replaced by a standing start.

The move has not been welcomed by the drivers with Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo revealing this week that "we all pretty much disagreed as far as I'm aware".

Adding: "Anything can happen at the starts, not only an accident but if you get a poor start you can go from first to fourth before Turn 1 just like that. I just think it's harsh on the leader."

However, Whiting insists drivers have nothing to worry about.

"I have heard some drivers express concerns but I think we can allay those fears," Whiting said.

"There were two things drivers were concerned about - one was fairness and that being a leader he is more likely to lose his lead from a standing start than a rolling start. But whether that is true or not, I am not quite sure.

"Equally, if you are in second place you might like the idea of taking a lead which you might not do with a rolling start.

"Then, I think there were some concerns about worn tyres with starting from standing starts.

"But what you have to remember is that until you get to the point of a standing start, the safety car procedure will be exactly the same as before.

"So if you are on worn tyres, any driver on worn tyres is very likely to pit anyway. They do it now so there is no reason why they would not do it under those new rules.

"If you have just made a pitstop then you probably wouldn't [stop], but anyone else - you see them dive in to the pits, they all do it, because they want to take the advantage of getting more or less a free stop.

"That is what happens and it will continue to happen, so the chances of any driver resuming the race from a standing start on very badly worn tyres is very low."

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