Scheckter warning for Rosberg

Sunday 06-July-2014 11:35

Jody Scheckter has urged Nico Rosberg to go for race wins as a conservative approach could cost him the title.

After eight races, of which he has won three, Rosberg is leading the Drivers' Championship by 29 points ahead of his team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

His lead means the German could adopt a more cautious approach, fearing that a mistake could cost him even more points.

However, former Ferrari World Champion Scheckter has warned him that being conservative could cost him the title.

"It's very difficult when you're leading a Championship because then you're judging between being conservative - 'if I don't make a mistake then I can win the Championship' - and that can actually mean more mistakes," Sportal quotes him as having told Perform.

"If you're not aggressive in a positive way at the start you can get bunched up into a whole load of things so keeping that balance between aggression and not making a mistake is difficult.

"The guy behind, he's just got to go all out, that's all he has to do so sometimes people can get into trouble if they're ahead and they think if I just don't make any mistakes and win one or two or beat him once or twice I can win the Championship."

The South African weighed in on this year's Formula 1 campaign, which some fear has become stagnant due to Mercedes dominant form.

Scheckter feels otherwise.

"In a way I think it's been a fantastic season," he said

"You've got the races within teams and I suppose that's between the two Mercedes drivers, that's very exciting.

"Then you've got Red Bull, it's exciting between the two of them, which has been a big surprise.

"With such big changes in the regulations it's accepted that the Mercedes engine is superior to the Renault engine and they [Red Bull] have been caught with those factors."

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