Lauda unimpressed by Seb's 'screams'

Tuesday 08-July-2014 10:33

Sebastian Vettel is the latest to come in for criticism from Niki Lauda following the British Grand Prix.

Mercedes non-executive Lauda has left unimpressed by Kimi Raikkonen's driving at Silverstone on Sunday which led to an hour-long delay.

"Kimi made a mistake, quite simply he went wide, but why does he come in balls out and then crashes? Hopefully nothing happened, but it was unnecessary," Lauda said.

F1 officials were also on the receiving end from the three-time World Champion, who believes the long delay to repair the barrier that Raikkonen hit proves that "F1 is over regulated" and it "is not good" for the sport.

Reigning World Champion Vettel has now also been berated by the Austrian following his squabble with Fernando Alonso during the race.

Both drivers complained over the team radio over their rivals' on-track behaviour, but Lauda has taken exception to Vettel's moans.

"I don't understand Vettel and his screaming. He is going on like a small, frightened child and should let it go. They are two of the top drivers and this is top racing that the viewers want to see," he told Germany's Bild.

He added: "I am fighting with Bernie Ecclestone to make sure that the driver can have more freedom and not be punished for every little incident."

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