Pirelli shows off 18-inch tyres

Tuesday 08-July-2014 13:28

Pirelli have given Formula One fans a glimpse of the 18-inch concept tyres that they will use in testing on Wednesday.

The Italian manufacturer is considering switching from the current 13-inch tyres to 18-inchers in a few years' time, and they will sample the rubber on day two of the Silverstone test.

The company released a couple of images of the new tyres on Tuesday.

Pirelli's motorsport director Paul Hembery revealed at the British GP that 18-inch tyres may not even be the answer.

"We thought it would be worthwhile creating - particularly for the F1 Commission and the Strategy Group - some images of a current F1 car with some 18-inch tyres," he said.

"The 18-inch tyre is one solution - but going forward I think 19-inch or 20-inch tyres are the direction you want to go."

Lotus will be the guinea pig on Wednesday and Charles Pic will be behind the wheel of the E22.

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