Firm files complaint over Schumi reports

Wednesday 09-July-2014 11:13

The investigation into the theft of Michael Schumacher's medical reports has taken a new twist with a Swiss helicopter company filing a criminal complaint.

The documents about the seven-time World Champion's injuries and treatment after his skiing accident in France were stolen shortly after he left the Grenoble hospital and they were offered on sale to the media for 60,000 Swiss francs (£39,000).

Earlier this week French authorities revealed that they have traced the IP address of a computer that was used by the alleged thief to a Swiss company.

"The IP address was located in a helicopter firm in the Zurich area," the prosecutor's office in Grenoble said without revealing the name of the company or person involved.

Zurich-based Rega, which was initially due to transfer Schumacher from Grenoble to the University Hospital of Lausanne in western Switzerland, has denied the claims and is taking legal action.

"Rega has no proof that one of its employees is implicated," the company said in a statement.

"But out of a concern for absolute clarity in this case, Rega today lodged a complaint against an unknown person with the prosecutor of Zurich canton."

According to Reuters, "a spokeswoman for the Zurich cantonal prosecutor confirmed the Rega complaint had been received, but said it had not opened a formal investigation for now".

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