Boullier downplays Dennis' comments

Thursday 10-July-2014 07:53

Eric Boullier is adamant Ron Dennis' recent comments about Jenson Button are a "non-story" and should not be taken as criticism.

Ahead of the British GP, Dennis gave an interview with Sky Sports in which he urged Button to "try harder."

The comments were widely read as criticism of the Brit raising questions about whether his days at McLaren are numbered.

Boullier, though, says that is reading far too much into it.

"First off all, it is something of a non-story if I may say this," the Frenchman told ESPNF1. "It has been debated, discussed and re-discussed and re-debated emotionally and passionately, whatever you want.

"What I'm going to say is Ron, traditionally and historically, is always pushing everybody, he is a great competitor; he loves to win and he wants to win.

"In terms of Jenson - and even Kevin - I am very happy with the performance of our drivers this year."

The Racing Director added that he was not surprised by Dennis' comments as they were desired to inspire Button to greater heights.

"You have to push yourself and everybody in the right direction so I was not really surprised.

"If you watch the original interview it is obviously not this bad, but the context once again has been a little bit transformed. When you want to push everybody, you push everybody.

"Drivers, employees and everyone in the company we have this positive pressure that we will be winning again soon. Those will be my last comments on this one."

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