Perez: F1 needs different race winners

Saturday 12-July-2014 11:15

Sergio Perez reckons the best way for Formula 1 to attract fans to the sport is to bring an end to Mercedes' dominance.

This year Mercedes have won all but one of the first nine grands prix with six of those results being 1-2 finishes.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are racing away with the World title and with little sign of anyone challenging the duo, fans are starting to turn off their televisions.

Formula 1 is looking at ways to entice them back with standing restarts and sparking cars on the cards for next season.

Perez, though, says the best way to keep fans interested it to have more than one team winning the races.

"I think Formula 1 is looking for a way to make things more entertaining, and I think the best way to make it entertaining is to give opportunities to more teams to fight for victories," the Force India driver explained to

"We all know who's going to win on Sunday, 99 per cent. Of course, every single driver would love to be in the position of Lewis and Nico. But as a fan I don't like that because it gets boring.

"I like to see a couple of teams fighting for the victory, and I think you can do that by reducing the budget gap [between the teams] and also establishing a bit more the rules and what you can do on the cars."

He added: "In the future it would be great to have Force India, Williams, Sauber... fighting against a team like Mercedes.

"I'm not saying that Force India has to be a World Champion, but it would be great if they had the opportunity to at least fight for a big result, such as one race victory or something like that.

"It's a big boost, not only for the team but also for Formula 1, to have these kind of results."

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