Magnussen hails Dennis 'pressure'

Saturday 12-July-2014 11:20

Kevin Magnussen says it is "good" that Ron Dennis is putting pressure on his drivers and the McLaren team to perform.

Ahead of the British Grand Prix, the McLaren CEO spoke of both Magnussen and his team-mate Jenson Button.

While telling the latter to "try harder", Dennis added that it is the Dane's job to take the fight to his Championship-winning team.

The Brit's comments were widely taken as criticism, however, Magnussen says they actually have a positive connotation.

"It's good that Ron is putting pressure on us, that's what is good about Ron being there," the rookie driver told Autosport.

"It puts pressure on everyone and you know you have to deliver, so I hope everyone in the team feels the same way because we are a good team - we just need to deliver everything we can.

"We need to extract everything we can out of ourselves and do the best job possible, and that's the effect Ron has.

"I think it's positive he has this energy about him."

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