Trio set to drop FRIC

Tuesday 15-July-2014 09:30

McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull are set to remove the FRIC systems from their cars for the German Grand Prix.

Last week the FIA wrote to all the teams informing them that the Front-and-Rear Interconnected Suspension (FRIC) systems contravened Article 3.15 of F1's Technical Regulations.

The sport's governing body, though, is keen to have the systems removed for the German race, but they need the green light from all 11 teams before they can go ahead with the ban.

Although most teams are adamant removing the system is no big deal, many are yet to make a decision for this weekend's race at Hockenheim.

However, Germany's Auto Motor Und Sport reports that Mercedes and Red Bull will be without FRIC in Germany while Autosport reveals that McLaren will also remove the system.

"McLaren does not currently intend to run a FRIC suspension system at the German Grand Prix," a spokesman said. "McLaren will comply with the FIA's rulings on the matter."

The issue, though, doesn't seem to be clear-cut with Force India saying the FIA is unlikely to get the go-ahead from all 11 outfits.

"It's not about majority, it's about unanimity. I think the likelihood of unanimous agreement is zero," the team's chief operating officer Otmar Szafnauer told Sky.

"There will be people out there that will say if the FIA think it should be banned then let's do that."

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