Di Montezemolo's 'duty' to fix F1

Wednesday 16-July-2014 11:03

Luca di Montezemolo is once again lamenting days gone by when the "best man in the best car" won the grands prix.

The Ferrari president has had another go at Formula 1's new regulations.

"We urgently need to do something," he said in an interview with German magazine Focus. "The rules are too complicated, the racers drive like taxi drivers.

"They must save fuel and tyres instead of being fast. The teams have to decide how much fuel they consume and how the tyres are wearing out."

He added: "Previously, the best man in the best car won."

The 66-year-old has called on Bernie Ecclestone to resolve the problem and says if the F1 supremo doesn't, he will do it himself.

"If he does not do it, I'll do it myself," di Montezemolo vowed. "I see that as my duty."

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