No FRIC agreement for German GP

Wednesday 16-July-2014 11:09

Teams running the FRIC system at the German GP are risking protests after the FIA failed to get the green light to ban the concept.

The sport's governing body had written to all teams to inform them that the Front-and-Rear Interconnected Suspension (FRIC) systems contravened Article 3.15 of F1's Technical Regulations, but they need a unanimous agreement from all 11 outfits to go ahead with the ban.

However, ESPN reports that the FIA has confirmed that a deal could not be reached during the latest discussions.

"We have not yet got, nor do we expect to get, the agreement of all teams to the proposed amnesty," a spokesperson said.

FRIC was introduced by Renault in 2009 with teams starting to use it more actively in 2010. It is just one of the technical developments that has played a major role in the Evolution of Sport.

The following infographic shows some of the major milestones within formula 1, and how new lap records are being set, and then off-set by new safety measures and new technology, and how that has affected lap times through the years. With FRIC improving the wear on all four tires, potentially reducing the number of pit stops a driver has to make, as well as keeping the car more stable around corners, shows how the sport continues to advance and self regulate.

Laptimes have decreased significantly since the 1960s, but have remained relatively static over the past decade. New safety measures and limitations on the sport have lead to a slight increase over the past few years, and in order for the sport to advance new techniques and technologies need to be discussed. How this is to be implemented however, is yet to be seen.


Failure to get a unanimous agreement opens the door for protests to be lodged from teams who opt not to run it at Hockenheim this weekend.

McLaren have already indicated that they intend not to use FRIC in Germany while Mercedes and Red Bull have also hinted they will remove the system.

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