Merc won't interfere in title race

Thursday 17-July-2014 06:07

As the battle between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton heats up, Niki Lauda has once again vowed not to interfere.

Rosberg's retirement coupled with Hamilton's victory in Britain means the two team-mates arrive in Germany separated by just four points.

The slim margin between the two offers up a thrilling fight for the fans but one which Lauda admits could cause a few "hard" times for Mercedes.

"Everything is reset like before Lewis had his second retirement [in Canada]," the non-executive director told Autosport.

"Now, they will fight to the end like you would not believe to be World Champion - and I will have a hard time."

But despite conceding that life won't be easy at Mercedes, Lauda is adamant the team won't get involved in the battle.

He added: "We will not interfere. This is very important. We didn't interfere from the beginning, so why should we now?

"So it will be interesting to watch now, because they are exactly at the same level."

The triple World Champion also weighed in on Hamilton's form, which has seen the Brit experience the high of four races wins on the trot and the lows of mistakes and frustrations.

"Everybody has highs and lows," the Austrian said.

"Look at [Sebastian] Vettel. Vettel is a four-time World Champion and he moaned and bitched over the last eight races, so if there is one guy with more lows then it is Vettel.

"These things happen, and I think too much is put in to this. Lewis was, from the beginning of the season on a good level, a stable level, and Nico I have to say improved.

"After Monaco, Nico had everything going for him and this is what happens in sport when people fight at the highest level.

"So Nico had everything going for him and Lewis dropped back one millimetre.

"Now Lewis is back on track so I tell you, the next couple of races are going to be interesting."

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