Vettel: FRIC loss didn't change much

Friday 18-July-2014 16:03

Sebastian Vettel doubts that removing FRIC played a role in the outcome of Friday's practices at Hockenheim.

This weekend all the teams dropped their FRIC systems after the FIA warned about possible protests having deemed it to be a movable part.

The decision, though, had absolutely no impact on the top two as once again Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg set the pace.

Right behind them was Daniel Ricciardo with the Australian just 0.103s off the pace while Vettel was eighth, a second down.

The German is confident he can close the gap overnight.

"I think we can improve from there for tomorrow," he said.

"I don't think not having the FRIC suspension on the car made too much difference to us today, although I haven't had a proper look at the other cars yet.

"I think it will be fairly close between the cars this weekend."

The reigning World Champion, who won last year's German GP but at the Nurburgring, added that he is enjoying racing at home.

"It's nice to be on track here near to where I grew up and I'm looking forward to the rest of the weekend."

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