Kvyat saw 'smoke and flames'

Monday 21-July-2014 11:46

As his German GP came to a fiery end, Daniil Kvyat concedes that was "not a nice situation" to be in.

Trying to make up positions after an early incident with Sergio Perez dropped him down the order, Kvyat's German GP came to an end on lap 45.

As flames licked his STR9, the 20-year-old pulled over the hairpin before jumping out the car.

The marshals were quickly on hand with extinguishers as the fire engulfed his car.

"It's a shame how my race ended," the rookie said.

"I suddenly lost drive and I then saw smoke and later flames in the mirrors.

"I started to feel really hot in the car, so I parked it and jumped out as quickly as possible.

"It's not a nice situation to be in, but I'm now more concerned about the car than anything else.

"I hope everything will be ok and I will now switch my focus to Hungary, where I hope we can do better."

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