Massa: Youngsters need to take it easy

Tuesday 22-July-2014 08:24

Felipe Massa has issued another word of caution to F1's young drivers, saying they need to realise they can't win races at the first corner.

For the second race in a row the Brazilian was forced to retire before the end of the opening lap after he was involved in a first-corner accident with Kevin Magnussen of McLaren in Germany on Sunday.

Although the stewards investigated the crash, they deemed it a racing incident and punished neither party, but the Williams driver was quick to blame the Danish rookie, claiming "I was in front, I was doing the corner in front of him".

It has since emerged that the stewards investigated Massa and not Magnussen for the accident, but the F1 veteran feels the young drivers are too rash.

"Honestly, I don't remember in the past that this type of accident happening all the time," he said. "I was young and I even crashed many times, but I don't remember following different rules to the ones we have.

"I don't remember seeing myself, Kimi [Raikkonen], Fernando [Alonso] as young drivers, being involved in so many things like that. But anyway, it is just the way I think: I am not saying the young drivers don't have the talent to be in F1, they have very good talent. But sometimes they need to understand that you cannot win the race at the first corner."

Asked about what advice he would give Magnussen when he talks to the McLaren driver, Massa replied: "Just take it easy. I am not losing alone, he lost out as well. He spun and maybe his car was not the same, so he lost points as well. I hope it is enough to understand to take it a bit easier at the next race."

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