Red Bull looking for 2015 gains

Tuesday 22-July-2014 11:38

Christian Horner insists Red Bull will continue to push hard in the final nine races of the season as they hope it will give them a good base for 2015.

Having won four Championships in a row, Red Bull were once again expected to be the team to beat this year but they have been well off the pace of rivals Mercedes in the 10 races to date.

The teams head to Hungary this weekend before they go on their annual summer break and, although he admits it would take "something catastrophic" for Merc to lose the title, Horner says his team are not ready to pack it all in.

"I cannot talk for other teams but this team will fight all the way to Abu Dhabi," the Red Bull team principal told The Telegraph. "Everything we learn this year has a relevance for next year. We won't give up. Every race weekend is an opportunity.

"Mercedes will have to do something catastrophic to lose this Championship but we have nine further opportunities to develop the car ready for next year when the regulations are stable.

"Our chassis is very strong but we need a better step [in the engine] and we are desperate for that. Hungary is a good opportunity for us. Mercedes are in a great position but, hopefully, we will be a little bit closer."

Most of Red Bull's problems this year have been down to the Renault engine, but the French manufacturer has made some changes and Horner feels they are making progress.

"The change in management is very positive, they are embracing the fact there is an issue and they are looking to make changes to make sure we close that gap to Mercedes," he said. "That will take time but the right attitude is there now and we should make progress."

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