Ricciardo 'constantly learning'

Thursday 24-July-2014 05:07

Daniel Ricciardo believes he'll be stronger in the second half of the campaign as the Red Bull racer is "constantly learning" and his confidence growing.

The 25-year-old Australian has been a revelation this season, taking the fight to four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

Not only has he qualified ahead of the German in six out of ten Saturdays but he's also edged him on race Sundays, eight to one.

With 106 points compared to Vettel's 82, it is Ricciardo who is leading the Red Bull charge this season.

And the former Toro Rosso driver believes Formula 1 has yet to see his best.

"For the second half of the season I should improve. I'm constantly learning," he told Press Association.

"I'm still very young in my Formula One career, so I still feel I'm picking things up weekend after weekend.

"Naturally, with the team, I'm going to grow with them more and more, and the relationships with my engineers and the people around me are only going to improve.

"This all then plays a part in not only car set-up, but how I then feel in terms of driving the car.

"It adds to the level of confidence I have when I hop in it, knowing we've discussed the right things and I'm in a car with a set-up both I and my engineer trust.

"All these things will keep coming together, and if I can get up on the podium a few more times, that will keep my confidence and self-belief growing."

Ricciardo is the only non-Mercedes driver to have won a race in 2014, taking the chequered flag at the Canadian Grand Prix.

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